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Connect your kitchen

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Connected Chef™ will be available for the holiday season.

Connected Chef Kitchen Tablet Food Preparation

The Connected Chef™ Kitchen Tablet is the world's first Android tablet designed for the kitchen environment.

With toughened glass and splash resistant design, it is an innovative alternative to using your expensive phone or tablet to access recipes, watch cooking tutorials or control your smart home from the kitchen.

Your digital sous chef

Access to unlimited content online with millions of cooking and food related websites and videos as well as tutorials and cooking classes, all in one place.


Connected Chef™ becomes your digital recipe bookshelf.

Conencted Chef Kitchen Tablet Cooking

Thicker Glass &
Water Resistant Seals

Cooking can be messy, so we have sealed the display and protected the screen with

2mm glass.

The Connected Chef™ Kitchen Tablet is raised above the tabletop to prevent liquid damage from underneath.

Dynamic 8 inch

The Connected Chef™ Kitchen Tablet includes a dynamic 8 inch touchscreen, designed to be responsive even with wet hands. 


Because every kitchen is different, the Connected  Chef™ display can be oriented whichever way suits you.

Bluetooth & Stereo

Not all cooking inspiration is visual, some people love listening to music or podcasts while cooking.


We have added stereo speakers and Bluetooth  functionality to pair to your home's speaker system and other accessories.

No more costly spills on your expensive phone or tablet
Designed for easy clean-up

The Connected Chef Kitchen tablet is splash resistant and designed to be wiped down. The bamboo cutting board can be easily removed for cleaning.

Connected Chef | designed for easy cleanup
Connected Chef | bamboo cutting board
Connected Chef | control your smart home

Connect to your home

Install Google Home App from the Play Store to access and control all the devices in your smart home ecosystem without

having to pick up and potentially spill food on your expensive phone or tablet while you are in the kitchen or outside by the barbecue.


The Connected Chef, designed as the anchor for digital kitchens, empowering passionate cooks with access to inspirational recipes while managing smart devices and appliances.

The Google Assistant voice control feature allows Connected Chef users to make requests with voice. 

Food content on YouTube has generated nearly 51 billion views, demonstrating immense engagement and revealing people's interest in visually appealing, emotionally impactful, and culturally informative videos that offer a unique window into the human experience.

Google Chrome and Google offer cooks the ability to search for recipes, enabling them to refine their results based on specific criteria such as ingredients, cooking time, and calories.

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In the Box

Connected Chef
Kitchen Tablet

Bamboo Cutting Board

110V 5V/2A
Power Aapter

2 Meter (6.5ft)
USB-C Cable

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