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Connected Chef Kitchen Tablet Food

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Capstone announces the Introduction of its Latest Innovation: Connected Chef ™

Stewart Wallach, Capstone’s CEO stated, “We are thrilled to be introducing a new innovative product to the retail market. The Connected Chef ™ is designed and engineered for today’s digital kitchen providing access to unlimited free third party content online with millions of cooking and food related websites and videos as tutorials and cooking classes, all in one place.” He added, “The Connected Chef ™ specific website will go live in the next couple days.” Product is expected to be available for purchase by August 2023.

The Dirty Cell Phone: 25,127 Bacteria per Square Inch

Research reveals that cell phones harbor a staggering number of germs, approximately 25,127 bacteria per square inch, surpassing even notoriously "dirty" objects such as toilet seats, kitchen counters, pet food dishes, checkout screens, and doorknobs, as demonstrated in a comparison video by

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